F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Company njuko SAS

Who are you?

njuko.com is a product of the company njuko SAS, registered in the Register of Commerce and Companies of Bayonne since March 30, 2012 and we are based in Bidart in the Pyrénées Atlantiques (64).

Our SIRET number is 750 866 675 00010 and we are declared to the CNIL under number 2010350.

Where can I find information about your rates?

Our rates are detailed in the "Rates" section of our website.

If you wish to obtain more information, we are at your disposal by email hello@njuko.com or by telephone at

Event Management

How do I create an event?

Creating an event is very simple.

If you do not have an organizer account:

  • Create one by giving a valid e-mail address and accepting our Terms of Sale;
  • Once your host account is activated, you will be able to create an event - fill in the date, the place, the number of participants expected and define the rules of validity (age limit, need for a voucher, etc) then create the registration form;
  • Once your event is created, you test the newsletter in real conditions, confirm it and decide to open the registration: your participants can then start to register.

If you already have an organizer account:

  • Sign in with your credentials from the' LOGIN 'tab;
  • Once in your account, you have access to the event (s) you administer;
  • Then you decide whether you want to administer an existing event, create a new one or duplicate an existing edition.

I am a sports club that organizes an event a year, is your solution for me?

Yes, of course! For us, every partner counts and our application has been designed to suit the greatest number, whether you register 3 participants online or more than 50, 000! We believe that our application should simplify everyone's lives so that they are dedicated to what is essential: their event.

My event has been canceled, how do we proceed?

First, let us tell you we're sorry, canceling an event is never fun! If your participants have started to register with us, we will refund the amount corresponding to the funds collected (processing fees deducted) and you can proceed to refunds, according to your policy and according to the mode you have chosen: check, cash, bank transfer or credit card if you have money left in your njuko.com account.

You will be able to refund up to what is available on your njuko.com account when you cancel your event.

You can only refund a participant by credit card if (and only if) he had previously paid by credit card.

Security and financial transactions

Are the registered payments secure?

"The payments recorded in our application are 100% secure. All payments made from njuko.com platforms are secured by Ingenico, a specialist in securing online banking transactions.
For njuko.com, ensuring the confidentiality and security of personal information and the transactions of our customers is more than a priority, it is a standard.

That's why njuko is the first and only online registration company to have received its exemption from banking authorization by the ACPR.

Since the end of 2014, the Banque de France has legislated the management of the accounts of third parties, ie the operators who manage money that does not belong to them and that they must eventually pay to the third party concerned. . Thus, as of January 1, 2017, any French company operating third-party account management should:

- Be a banking operator strictly speaking, ie a Bank,
- Or have an exemption from banking authorization issued by the ACPR (Prudential Control and Regulation Authority), the agency mandated by the Banque de France to issue these approvals. "

In other words, this exemption from banking authorization guarantees the security of your funds as well as transparency and a complete seal between the various sums collected for each event.

Our participants pay their registration on your site, so how do we attain the funds?

Driver Formula
As the organizer of the event, you are selling listings on njuko.com to the Participants.

njuko.com collects the funds on your behalf and gives them back to you once or twice a month, on the 10th of each month and (if you wish to be paid bi-weekly) on the 25th of each month, deducting our processing fees. These fees are paid at your convenience by the participant in addition to his registration or left at your expense.
The payment of the funds is carried out at your once a month or bi-weekly regardless of the amount collected. There is no minimum collection to recover your funds.

Pilot Formula
As a multi-event organizer or third-party event sign-up provider, you use / offer the technology developed by njuko.com to market sign-up registrations. You set at your preferences on the amount of processing fees applicable on each registration.

njuko.com collects the funds on behalf of the event and pays out once or twice a month on the 10th of each month and (if you wish to be paid bi-weekly) on the 25th of each month, deducting the processing fees . These fees are paid by the participant in addition to his registration or left at the expense of the organizer according to his choice.

On the 25th of each month, njuko.com invoices you for its technology operating costs, which are then deducted from the processing fees which are kept in your name for each event. After the deduction, njuko.com pays you the difference, or in other words “your earnings.”

Driver and Itxiban Formulas
As a multi-event organizer or third-party event sign-up provider, you use / offer the technology developed by njuko.com to market registrations. You set at your convenience the amount of processing fees applicable to each registration. These fees are paid by the participant in addition to his registration or left at the expense of the organizer according to his choice.

Having your own account plugged into the registration platform, you collect the funds in real time on your bank account. For the events in which you are not organizing yourself, you get to keep your earnings (ie the processing fees applied beforehand on each event.)

njuko.com, bills you on the 25th of each month.

Whether you choose the Pilot or Itxiban formula, you remain in control of setting the rates at your convenience and can decide to break down the share of the processing costs attributable to your participants.

I organize an event abroad / internationally; can we process financial transactions?

You define the currency that you want to receive during the payment and your participants pay their registration in this currency. We will refund the amount collected in the desired currency to the account of your choice.
njuko.com supports nearly 20 currencies.

Accompanying our partners / Communication & Marketing

I want to promote my event, can you help me?

You own the data you collect; njuko.com stores your data but we never use it in any way. We will not contact participants who might be interested in your race, however, we have developed features that allow you to recruit participants:

  • Discount codes allow you to organize promotional campaigns;
  • Our e-mailing tool allows you to send as many emails as you want to your participants;
  • njuko.com regularly integrates with new partners to offer you even more services. Some are directly for your participants, others allow you to promote your events via the launch of communication campaign or the creation of dedicated websites ... (Running Heroes, Resathlon ...)

On the other hand, njuko.com allows you to integrate all kinds of paid options into your registration form. Pasta-party, T-shirt, medal, etc.
You can count on us to help you!

Are exports made from your application compatible with LOGICA and GMCAP?

Your entries are the foundation of your event; the file of exports must be irreproachable and in conformity with the needs of the timekeepers, the referees, the federation, ...

We have developed a tool that not only allows you to format your file (LOGICA, GMCAP, Excel, CSV, HTML, XML, HTML, Text) but allows you to sort the exportable data.

We are 100% compatible.